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E. ’ This is a direct Prophanation of the Majesty of God. ’ This is to expose our Dissenters Aversion to Instrumental Music in Churches. The Agreement of our Dissenters and the Papists, in that which Bishop Stillingfleet called the Fanaticism of the Church of Rome, is ludicrously described for several Pages together, by Jack’s likeness to Peter, and their being often mistaken for each other, and their frequent meeting when they least intended it. In this, singly taken, there might possibly be little harm, if one did not see from what Principle the whole proceeded.

Like Swift, he was an enemy of Richard Bentley, one of the butts in The Battle of the Books, and he and Swift were later on good terms. In this squib, however, he writes as a collector of night-soil who finds the Tale too dirty even for him. It may lie in the power of the meanest person to do a service or a disservice to the greatest, according as his inclination or his due respect may lead him; which is the true occasion of my writing you this Letter, to shew you that a person in the lowest circumstances in the world may still have a concern to do good; as I hope it is yours to do so to every body else.

Enthusiasm with him is an Universal Deception which has run through all Sciences in all Kingdoms, and every thing has some Fanatic Branch annexed to it; among which he reckons the Summum Bonum, or an Enquiry after Happiness. Ghost after our Blessed Saviour’s Ascension in the Shape of Cloven Tongues, at the First Pentecost, in the Second of the Acts, is one of the Subjects of his Mirth: And because in our Dissenting Congregations, the Auditory used formerly with great Indecency to keep on their Hats in Sermon Time, therefore, says he, ‘They will needs have it as a Point clearly gained, that the Cloven Tongues never sat upon the Apostles Heads, while their Hats were on’, using that Ridiculous Argument to prove that the Dissenting Ministers are not divinely inspired.

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