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By Professor (Chair) Randy J Lapolla, Chenglong Huang

This e-book is an entire reference grammar of Qiang, one of many minority languages of southwest China, spoken through approximately 70,000 Qiang and Tibetan humans in Aba Tibetan and Qiang self sufficient Prefecture in northern Sichuan Province. It belongs to the Qiangic department of Tibeto-Burman (one of the 2 significant branches of Sino-Tibetan). The dialect provided within the booklet is the Northern Qiang kind spoken in Ronghong Village, Yadu Township, Chibusu District, Mao County. This booklet, the 1st book-length description of the Qiang language in English, is the results of a long time of labor at the language, and is as typologically complete as attainable. It comprises not just the reference grammar, but in addition an ethnological evaluation, numerous absolutely analyzed texts (mostly conventional stories), and an annotated word list. The language is verb ultimate, agglutinative (prefixing and suffixing), and has either head-marking and established marking morphology. The phonology of Qiang is kind of complicated, with 39 consonants at seven issues of articulation, plus complicated consonant clusters, either in preliminary and ultimate place, in addition to vowel concord, vowel size differences, and a suite of retroflexed vowels. The grammar additionally

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Now-ADV DIR-buy-GEN cloth black this i-j˙-t®]-≥u˙≤i qå ÷~u de-le ˚t˚åq-lu-å . 5) [the:-t˚-t˚iÙuå bå the-zi] pienå-lå [Âåwå ba xs˙-zi] 3sg-GEN-house old that-CL beside-LOC rock big three-CL ®˙. brother-DEF:CL ≈umt®i ≥u˙. fl This last example has both a genitive phrase (though one not marked by the genitive postposition) and relative clause preceding the head noun. In some instances, an adverbial noun phrase is formed from a combination of a demonstrative and a numeral plus classifier or measure word.

Pointing one’s foot toward the altar is strictly prohibited. Other than believing in the spirits of the house and of the fireplace, the Qiang also believe in the spirits of all natural phenomena, such as heaven, earth, sun, moon, stars, rivers, hills and mountains. Two of the biggest festivals in the Qiang area are related to their worship of these spirits: the Qiang New Year, which falls on the 24th day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar (now the festival date is fixed on October 1st), and the Mountain Sacrifice Festival, held between the second and sixth months of the lunar calendar.

Before the bride enters the groom’s house she has to step over a small fire or a red cloth (this part of the ceremony varies among areas). The bride enters the house and the actual wedding ceremony starts. The couple will be led to the front of the family altar, and, just like the wedding practice of the Chinese, the couple will first make vows to heaven and earth, the family ancestors, the groom’s parents, the other relatives, and finally vows to each other. There is a speech by the hosting uncles, and the opening of a cask of highland barley wine.

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