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To view or hide the Mixer window, choose Mixer from the View menu or press Alt + 3 . A check mark appears adjacent to the command to indicate when the window is displayed. Using the mixer toolbar The Mixer window toolbar contains four buttons: Project Audio Properties, Insert FX, Insert Bus, and Insert Soft Synth. Button Description Displays the Project Properties dialog. Adds an assignable effect chain to your project. The Plug-In Chooser dialog appears so that you can create a plug-in chain. For more information, see Using assignable effects on page 109.

4. Select a folder for the download. The selected file is downloaded to the folder specified in the Destination box. 5. When you are done downloading, close the Get Media from the Web dialog. ACID adds the file(s) to your project. Click Show Details to display additional information about your download. In this mode, you can add files to a download queue, specify where the downloaded files should be stored, and monitor the progress of your downloads. Click Start to begin downloading queued files, or click Hide Details to return to basic mode.

This song must already be in a streaming format. 3. Click Next. If you are publishing the current ACID song, ACID renders it in the format and bit rate you specified. A window appears from the publish provider with directions for completing the publishing process. 4. Follow the instructions provided by the publish provider. ACID begins uploading the file to the provider. A progress dialog informs you when the upload is finished. 5. Click OK. The publish provider provides a link to the song on their Web site; however, this may vary depending on provider.

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