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16. It can be observed that the multiband characteristics can be obtained. The impedance bandwidths of the lower band for all antennas are slightly different, and on the other hand, the upper band has an impedance bandwidth of 1680 MHz (4840–6520 MHz) for antenna in Fig. 8 GHz band for WiMAX. To sum up, the measured results and the corresponding settings of the parameters are listed (a) (b) (c) Fig. 15. Dual-band CPW-fed slot antennas with inner rectangular slot (a) without loading strip and a tuning stub, (b) with top corner loading strips and a bottom tuning stub, and (c) with bottom corner loading strips and a top tuning stub 32 Advanced Transmission Techniques in WiMAX in Table 4.

1) can also be designed to demonstrate a dual-band behavior. The first dual-band antenna topology that, we introduce in Fig. 15(a); consists of the inner rectangular slot antenna with dimensions of win×Lin and the outer square slot (Lout ×Lout). The outer square slot is used to control the first or lower operating band. On the other hand, the inner slot of width is used to control the second or upper operating band. The second antenna as shown in Fig. 15(b) combines a tuning stub with dimensions of Ws ×L3 placed in the inner slot at its bottom edge.

13. Simulated and measured return losses of the proposed antenna with different iterations of fractal stubs 29 CPW-Fed Antennas for WiFi and WiMAX Antenna type Center Frequency (GHz) Return Loss Bandwidth (RL ≥10 dB) BW (GHz) BW (%) Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. Sim. Mea. 0 78 82 Table 2. Comparison of characteristic results with different iterations of fractal stubs. frequencies decrease as increasing the iteration for fractal stub. Typically, the increasing iteration in the conventional fractal structure affects to the widely bandwidth.

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