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Petroleum geochemistry has grew to become out to be greater than one other step within the path to quantify geology and geosciences normally. Petroleum geochemistry because it is this present day might be the triggering occasion that brings the opposite branches of geosciences like sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural geology, geophysics and others to a fruitful synthesis as evidenced via built-in basin reports

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Although Golitsyn's idea is qualitatively similar to that of H o o d et al. (1975), its application seems to be too capricious to be theoretically satisfying. For example, his correction factor is calculated using Celsius temperatures, rather than absolute temperatures. F u r t h e r m o r e , the magnitude of the correction factor is not a consistent function of maturity. Recently T o t h et al. (1982) have put forth quite a different model for the role of t e m p e r a t u r e in increasing vitrinite reflectance values.

Nagornyi a n d Nagornyi (1974) in particular were very critical of Lopatin's m e t h o d , listing many real difficulties in its application. With careful work, however, m a n y of their criticisms can b e defused. O n e complaint is that Lopatin's m e t h o d has not been adequately calibrated. E r r o r s in Lopatin's original reconstruction invalidated his original calibration of T T I values to maturity. L a t e r work (Waples, 1980) has improved t h e status of the calibration, b u t as Kettel (1981), Katz et al.

Zieglar a n d Spotts (1978) used W a p l e s ' data prior to publication to 52 D. W. WAPLES explain variability of oil and gas occurrences in California's G r e a t Valley. T h e vast a m o u n t of Cretaceous sediment that accumulated in the Delta depocentre near Sacramento caused hydrocarbon generation to c o m m e n c e there in Late Cretaceous time (see Fig. 14). A t the present time the Palaeocene is in the early to middle stages of oil generation, and all younger AGE 80 fj| 60 (MYBP) 40 CONDENSATE 20 0 FORMATION GAS G E N E R A T I O N FIG.

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