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By K.A. Jacques, T.P. Lyons, D. R. Kelsall

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Interrupting that life cycle prevents an infestation from becoming established. A 3-5 day storage limit of grain in a bin will interrupt the life cycle of the common grain insects, but the bin must be totally emptied each time it is filled. If the design does not allow total emptying, there will be a continuous infestation. STORAGE CAPACITY How large should storage capacity be? Financial and logistic experts must contribute to this decision. Storage capacity must accommodate both the processing schedule and cash flow consideration.

This enzyme represents a good example of the confusion that sometimes arises in enzyme terminology. One could easily be forgiven for questioning how a ß-amylase can act upon α(1→4) linkages. The main reason for this confusion is due to the fact that enzyme nomenclature is based upon the configuration of the released product rather than that of the bond being hydrolyzed. F. Power STARCH amylose + amylopectin Slurry Cooking GELATINIZATION Heat and moisture solubilize starch AMYLOSE AMYLOPECTIN α-amylase α-amylase α-amylase LIQUEFACTION α-amylase Production of dextrins and α-limit dextrins by α-amylase endoenzyme hydrolyzes random α(1-4) bonds α-LIMIT DEXTRINS DEXTRINS Glucoamylase Pullulanase (debranching) Glucoamylase α(1-4), α(1-6 ) bonds SACCHARIFICATION Hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable sugars FERMENTABLE SUGARS Glucoamylase exoenzyme hydrolyzes α(1-4) bonds from non-reducing ends hydrolyzes α(1-6) bonds more slowly Figure 6.

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