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By H. Wiarda

The USA s neighborhood international coverage priorities are transferring, towards Asia, the center East, Latin the United States, and Africa, and clear of Europe and Russia. Wiarda examines those alterations and the explanations for them in every one of those local parts during this finished paintings on worldwide viewpoint on American international coverage. Designed as a textual content for introductory diplomacy, overseas coverage, comparative politics, and international politics classes, this publication succeeds in integrating those frequently separate subfields and exhibits how the research of comparative politics can enlighten overseas coverage.

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The problem in Eastern Europe, therefore, wherever we finally draw that line demarking EU and NATO member states, is both a strategic one and a developmental one. The strategic issue is that the Eastern Europe ● 39 farther east NATO and the EU go, the closer they come to the gates of Moscow, thus antagonizing Russia and threatening Russia’s own security interests. The developmental issue stems from the fact that these are still poor, underdeveloped, not well-institutionalized countries. And the two factors are closely interrelated: to the extent that Eastern Europe remains poor and weak, it also remains vulnerable to Russian pressures, exercised through the absolute dependence of most of these countries on Russian oil and natural gas to heat their homes and run their factories, and even through the ever-present possibility that the far larger Russian armies will simply march across their territories and take them over as they did at the initiation of the Cold War in the 1940s.

We, therefore, share a certain common basis of understanding. Moreover, in the twentieth century’s two great world wars, the Cold War, and through NATO and the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, we have been partners and allies for a long time, and those alliances will not be abandoned easily. -European relations—the economic ties between the United States and Europe in the form of trade, Western Europe ● 21 investment, banking, joint ownership, business, and commerce are extensive. I have had European businessmen tell me that whatever political or foreign policy differences that may exist between the two regions are rendered largely irrelevant because our economic ties and financial interdependence are so great.

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