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By Bruce Sheiman

A new perspective.

Defending faith as a cultural establishment within the face of resurgent atheistic concept. for hundreds of years, the theism-atheism debate has been ruled through positions: stringent believers dedicated to the "yes, there's a God" argument, and atheists vehemently pushed to repudiate not just God, but in addition faith as a cultural establishment. up to now, this can be the 1st and basically mainstream booklet within which a nonbeliever criticizes atheism and affirms faith. An Atheist Defends faith persuasively argues that faith is overwhelmingly worthy for humanity, whether God exists, according to a brand new paradigm of 10 affirmative dimensions that make up spiritual adventure. It additionally places to leisure the speculation that faith is at the back of many of the world's sectarian violence by way of exhibiting that faith turns into evil whilst it really is politicized. Readers will research they don't have to be fundamentalists to be believers, and concerning the worth and advantages of faith itself.

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Science has proposed a creation story of its own. And the great advantage of this story, atheists like Richard Dawkins will tell us, is that it is matter-of-fact true. No need for fiction or falsity. Furthermore, the scientific creation story is thoroughly awesome and fascinating. A truncated version of the scientific creation theory goes like this. Almost 14 billion years ago, the big bang created the universe of space and time from a “singularity” the size of a mathematical point; within 15 An Atheist Defends Religion the first second of this explosion, the nascent universe expanded faster than the speed of light in a phenomenon known as cosmic inflation.

Moreover, these practices are not exclusive to particular religions. It does not matter what religion one practices so long as it is practiced seriously. Among those who attended worship services regularly in 2000, fully 92 percent of Protestants gave to charity, compared to 91 percent of Catholics, 91 percent of Jews, and 89 percent of other religions. Arthur Brooks is the leading expert in America about the demographics and characteristics of charitable giving, having evaluated the results of dozens of studies and authored the book, Who Really Cares.

Albert Schweitzer’s deep religious conviction led him to renounce prestige and comfort to go to Africa and provide medical care 27 An Atheist Defends Religion for thousands. Martin Luther King’s dream of a society in which all people would live freely together was essentially a religious vision. Religious conviction lay behind Mahatma Gandhi’s life of asceticism and nonviolent protest. And for literally millions of less-celebrated people, their countless acts of sacrifice and compassion every day help to uplift humanity’s condition.

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