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An entire and incisive survey of the tools used and outlines in their working principles.

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Moreover, φ p becomes the product of a constant times q, this constant taking positive, negative, or even zero values. If it is positive, then it represents the stiffness of the system. Note that this stiffness is, in general, a combination of the stiffnesses of the individual springs of the system and includes gravity effects as well. 7 (An Eccentric Circular Plate). Shown in Fig. m C is located a distance d from the center of its circular bore of radius a, as depicted in that figure. Moreover, the plate rolls on the pin of radius b without slipping.

Again, the evolution of single-dof systems is fully determined by one single generalized coordinate q and one single generalized speed q. ˙ The set of independent generalized coordinates and independent generalized speeds is known generically as the state variables of the system. , the initial 26 1 The Modeling of Single-dof Mechanical Systems conditions—along with the inputs—applied forces and moments—and the mathematical model derived from the Newton-Euler or the Lagrange equations, determine the motion of the system, which is the reason why we call these systems deterministic.

Kinetic energy. Here, we use Eq. 25 to obtain the kinetic energy of the plate based on the contact point Q, that is instantaneously fixed to the pin and hence, to an inertial frame. Thus 1 T = IQ ω 2 2 44 1 The Modeling of Single-dof Mechanical Systems with IQ given by K¨onig’s theorem as IQ = IC + mQC 2 2 Using the expressions previously found for QC and ω , we obtain 1 T = {IC + m[a2 + d 2 + 2ad cos(θ − ψ )]}ψ˙ 2 2 3. Potential energy. Here, the potential energy is only due to gravity. Taking the level of the center of the pin as a reference, the potential energy is given by V = −mg[(a − b) cos θ + d cos ψ ] 4.

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