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By D. A. Amyx, Patricia Lawrence

Within the first element of this publication, Amyx catalogues and discusses greater than 2 hundred fragments of Archaic Corinthian pottery with determine ornament, chosen from these formerly unpublished or inadequately released. The authors have additionally given realization to vase-painters of the Protocorinthian and Corinthian classes who have been formerly recognized mainly from works exported in antiquity, and feature succeeded in developing the significance of the Corinth Museum as a middle for the learn of the Corinthian kind. within the moment part, Lawrence offers the contents of a good dug and stuffed within the Archaic interval. the fabric levels from Early Protocorinthian to past due Corinthian and contains an enormous physique of fabric from a potters' sell off, right here taken care of individually. form improvement and chronology were verified, specially for oinochoai and kotylai, in keeping with the lengthy sequence of stratified examples. different fabric within the fill comprises coarse ware and fragmentary high-quality ware. The authors characteristic a couple of items to recognized and newly pointed out vase-painters.

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It might be compared also with such fragments as Aegina 430 and 445 (Kraiker, pl. 33), for the degree of coarseness which it exemplifies. For the absence of filling ornament, cf. Weinberg, p. 51, on no. 186 (CP-879); but the phenomenon is not quite so rare as Weinberg supposes. Transitional. of association,not alwaysin agreementwith our own opinion. We did not find, at Corinth,the alabastron NC 81 ("fragmentwith two lions facing right"), said by Payneto be "closelyrelated"to the Painterof Palermo489, unless it is our next entry, 20, inaccurratelydescribed.

288, NC 503 C. CP-2360. From base and lowest part of body. H. W. 021. "Warrior Group" with representations of dueling Fine light-brown clay; fairly lustrous brown-black hoplites. Within the series of "Hoplites in combat, no red. f. containing foreleg and tip of one hind leg of last item (NC 503 C) is "Corinth", with no further ungulate or ruminant quadruped (horse, or perhaps a description. ; two bands, whirligig at the warriors is occupied by only a thick mass of varied base. filling ornament, we suggest that, despite this differFairly rough style, but Warrior Group in its broader ence, this vase may be intended by Payne's entry.

A fragment at the top is missing; the head may have been leonine, but the plain red neck suggests a panther. There is no trace now of another feline. In view of the possibility that Payne saw the fragments before they were joined, and considering the unusual character of his description, we believe that 20 may well be the fragment intended by Payne as NC 81. Early Corinthian. PI. 5. 21 ALABASTRON (FRAGMENT). CP-2324. From middle of body. P. Dim. 035. Warm yellow clay, pink inside; bright black glaze.

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