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By Roger K. Lewis

This revised version contains info pertinent to academic perform and addresses concerns and issues of curiosity to scholars picking between sorts of programmes, colleges, agencies and architectural profession paths. the writer is a training architect and educator and during this publication he is taking a glance on the schooling of architects as he covers such subject matters as curriculum content material, pedagogical theories and strategies, programmme and college varieties, the admission procedure, internship, repayment, computer-aided layout and the tradition of small and big businesses. He tells how an architect works and will get paintings and explains all facets of architectural providers, from preliminary shopper touch to building oversight. the advantages of changing into an architect are defined, together with the chance for artistic expression, to enhance the surroundings and to accomplish notoriety. The publication additionally exhibits the opposite part, the shortcoming of regular paintings and applicable repayment, the depth of festival, the constraints imposed via consumers and the excessive measure of tension and disillusionment between younger architects. The publication is observed by means of the author's illustrations and an appendix.

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However, many schools of architecture have resisted introducing this subject matter which, to some, appears to be invading the territory of the general contractor. They would argue that construction management belongs more appropriately in schools of management or engineering. Several schools teach real estate economics. Such courses examine the sources of capital for building, the development process through which buildings are created, the economic characteristics of projects built in both the private and public sectors, and the role < previous page page_57 If you like this book, buy it!

Within the sphere of architectural technology there are five subtechnologies: structural technology, construction materials and methods, environmental control technology, computeraided design (CAD) technology, and management or business technology. Some of each is required in all architectural schools, although in differing doses and with widely ranging levels of rigor. Further, like design and history, some architectural technology subjects are covered by examinations given by states for the licensing of architects.

Students first discover this truism in architectural school. Being very labor intensive, requiring countless hours of mental and manual effort making drawings and crafting physical and computerbased models, architectural study prepares one for what is to come: lots more hard work and always the potential for rejection. < previous page page_32 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_33 next page > UNREGISTERED VERSION OF HTML TO PDF CONVERTER By THETA-SOFTWARE Page 33 Those fully committed to their work and impassioned about their professional mission benefit from a sort of religious sense of purpose that inspires them and helps them weather the rougher moments.

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