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By Sun Tzu (Lionel Giles)

I <3 U Dian Sastro :) A scanned PDF of the main well-known army guide within the world! The person who renowned on the internet, simply retyped variation from Gutenberg. In the following, you will find the unique ebook. besides the Hanzi (Chinese Character).

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Chang Yii. The list closes with a comI I. mentator of no great originality perhaps, but gifted with admirable powers of lucid exposition. His commentary is based on that of Ts'ao Kung, whose terse sentences he contrives to expand and develop in masterly fashion. Without Chang Yii, it is safe to say that much of Ts'ao Kung's commentary would have remained cloaked in its pristine obscurity and therefoie valueless. His work is not mentioned in the Sung history, the T L u n gK'ao, or mi$& s, a 1 TLung K'ao, ch.

2 T'rtng X ' a o , /car @ (it. il:%%3%%*%Bz @A&. 3 A notable person In h ~ day. s HISbiography is given in the San Kuo Chih, ch. lo. XLII IWTRODUCTIGN Shu and no doubt extremely rare, which I should much @ , in 5 chiian. like to have seen. One is entitled iFfi It gives selections from four new commentators, probably of the Ming dynasty, as well as from the eleven known to us. $5$$ Li Ts'ai; and 1% Huang ChihchCng. The other work is 7 1% in 4 chiian, compiled #j$ ChCng Tuan of the present dynasty.

IjChang Tzil-shang ; by Tu Yu as a IJI. j& Wu. The T'ang Shu adds $$ Sun Hao, and the T'ung Chih Hsiao Chi, while the T ' u Shu mentions a Ming 3 Huang Jun-~ii. It is possible that commentator, some of these may have been merely collectors and editors of other commentaries, like Chi T'ien-pao and Chi Hsieh. mentioned above. Certainly in the case of the latter, the @& in the T'u~zgK'ao, without the folentry lowing note, would give one to understand that he had written an independent commentary of his own.

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