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By Juergen Schieber, Pradip K. Bose, P.G. Eriksson, Santanu Banerjee, Subir Sarkar, Wladyslaw Altermann, Octavian Catuneanu

Drawing on a mixture of contemporary occurrences and certain historical opposite numbers, this atlas is a treatise of mat-related sedimentary beneficial properties that one might anticipate to determine in historic terrigenous clastic sedimentary successions. through combining smooth and old examples, the relationship is made to most likely formative strategies and the usage of those gains within the interpretation of old sedimentary rocks.

* the 1st complete compilation of microbial mat features/structures preserved within the sliciclastic rock record
* top of the range, complete colour images absolutely help the text
* smooth and historical examples attach the formative techniques and usage of mat-related positive factors within the interpretation of sedimentary rocks

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C) Coherent mat made of coccoidal and filamentous cyanobacteria hangs over a small terraced cliff undermined by water agitation. Structure marking the shoreline of a hypersaline lagoon. Some mat chips lie upside down on muddy substrate of the lower terrace. Photo: Nora Noffke. (D) Microbial mat chips accumulating behind stands of halophytes. Photo: Nora Noffke. (E) Subaqueous erosion-edge of mat, and reworking of mat; loose and thin mats growing on soft muddy sediments producing fragile mat chips.

Thin microbial biofilms cover the flanks of asymmetric oscillation ripples. Photo: B. Petzelberger. (B) Surface of an intertidal sand flat. Small asymmetric current ripples covered by a slightly increasing microbial biofilm. Photo: B. Petzelberger. (C) Advanced microbial growth overprinting asymmetric ripples. Photo: Nora Noffke. (D) Rippled surface of high-lying tidal flats completely overprinted and stabilised by a highly productive microbial mat. Photo: Nora Noffke; modified after photo published in Noffke (1997b).

A) Surface of a shallow water mat built-over by slime threads and bubbles. Bubbles coated by biofilms. Pinnacles grow on bubble surfaces and the basic mat. Photo: K. Bröhldick (colour-adapted). (B) Close-up of bubbles captured by biofilm. ) are abundant. Photo: E. Ahrensfeld (colour-adapted); modified after photo published in Gerdes and Klenke (2003; courtesy of Assoc. Geoaustria). (C) Three-dimensional scum expanding from the surface of a shallow water mat into the surficial water. Slime-enriched threads, films and bubbles provide various interfaces and three-dimensional spaces for the bacterial front to move into the pelagic realm.

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