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By Joseph Lepgold

The space among teachers and practitioners in diplomacy has widened lately, in response to the authors of this e-book. Many diplomacy students now not try and succeed in past the ivory tower and lots of policymakers disdain diplomacy scholarship as arcane and beside the point. Joseph Lepgold and Miroslav Nincic reveal how strong diplomacy concept can tell coverage offerings. Globalization, ethnic clash, and ecological threats have created a brand new set of concerns that problem policymakers, and state of the art scholarship can give a contribution greatly to the prognosis and dealing with of doubtless explosive occasions.

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Not all scholars are content with this state of affairs. Often enough, SIR works end with thoughts on policy implications, even if they look like afterthoughts and receive little notice from reviewers and other readers. The unwillingness to neglect policy implications entirely suggests a residual desire on the part of some SIR scholars to be useful. Every issue of applied IR periodicals such as Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The Washington Quarterly, and Survival is full of articles dealing with the policy-relevant implications of the new security environment, the consequences and effects of globali- The Theory-Practice Gap in International Relations 25 zation, and so on.

Security-focused SIR that brings in considerations of ethnicity and community and work on identity that has implications for security might shed light on key policy issues. Outside the realm of security as traditionally defined, the picture has become even more complex. Deepening but often destabilizing economic linkages, massive refugee flows and other humanitarian emergencies, and 24 The Theory-Practice Gap in International Relations unprecedented global ecological problems have created a new set of issues that also vie for official attention—issues that challenge old ways of thinking about national interests and appropriate policy tools.

45 20 The Theory-Practice Gap in International Relations Nye also emphasized, as has Henry Kissinger, that one typically operates in office on the basis of whatever intellectual capital had been accumulated beforehand. So unless an official tries to stay in touch with academic developments while in office—and Nye’s comments suggest that this is unlikely—getting her (or even those busy special assistants) to pay attention to what scholars say will be difficult. One might deal with this problem by assuming that even though officials will not read the scholarly article, let alone the book, they might read an op-ed piece or a Foreign Affairs article that digests it and highlights the policyrelevant implications.

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