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By Pascal Magne

This booklet introduces a different method of esthetic recovery of the anterior dentition. Guided via the philosophy of biomimetics, the authors mix sound biologic rules with an overriding admire for the usual intact enamel to accomplish esthetic delight with bonded porcelain restorations. not like conventional veneers, the strategy defined the following attracts upon the suitable colors, the sophisticated colours, and particularly the intracoronal anatomy of the intact teeth to function a advisor to reconstruction and as a size of luck. From this angle, a record of primary esthetic standards is gifted, and remedy making plans, diagnostics, the teeth guidance, laboratory strategies, adhesive luting methods, and upkeep protocols are conscientiously designated. The reader will locate all of the details and step by step guide had to receive the authors more suitable effects, that are showcased through the e-book.

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