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By Karl-Erik Kahnberg

This e-book explores the possibility of bone grafting innovations to rehabilitate the maxilla during the placement of dental implants. As implant dentistry turns into more and more good validated and complex, this ebook might help skilled surgeons to contain implant ideas as a part of more difficult reconstructions within the higher jaw.Starting with a recap on rules of bone biology, the ebook then considers implant integration in general bone and with bone grafts. Grafting methods are offered depicting quite a few bone harvest websites, through onlay and inlay grafting concepts. techniques to sinus lifting, segmental osteotomy and distraction osteogenesis for augmentation protocols are supplied.

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50 Radiograph showing position of implants. 51 Implants placed in grafted bone. 52 Bridge construction on four implants. 53 Clinical view of bone window in right posterior maxilla. 54 Infracture of bone window with elevation of sinus membrane. 55 Bone graft from the right mandibular angle (cortical) positioned below the bone window and sinus mucosa. Osteosuture is introduced around the graft material. 56 Space below the cortical graft is filled with particulated bone. 57 Osteosutures are tightened to keep the bone graft in place.

Note that incision line is positioned palatally of the crest. 26 Bone healing six months later. 3 Two-stage procedure with grafting and implant installation at the staged times (unilateral or bilateral) Bone grafting in two stages with subsequent implant insertion is always indicated when the marginal bone height in the alveolar process is less than 5–6 mm and a width of less than 4 mm. The buccal bony window is marked and preferably kept as close as possible to the floor of the sinus cavity. In order to try to achieve a two compartment sinus cavity, it is advantageous if the buccal window is big and the superior fracture line is close to the infraorbital foramen.

About 4–5 months, but this may be somewhat longer if the bone is mainly cortical. 1 Inlay bone grafting. 2 Nasal inlays. 3 The nasal mucosa in the nasal aperture is carefully lifted. 4 Bone graft is pressed into the nasal cavity below the nasal mucosa. 5 The bony height of the alveolar process increased by 5–6 mm. 6 The nasal inlays combined with onlay grafts on the thin alveolar crest. 2 Maxillary sinus grafting (sinus lifting) Implant treatments of the edentulous posterior maxilla occasionally meet with problems due to the lack of bone volume beneath the maxillary sinus cavity.

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