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The middle watch would be topside, and everyone else asleep in the berth deck or staterooms. Rhyden tucked his watch in his pocket once more and mounted the ladder leading up onto the main deck. A bitter wind slapped him as he stepped out onto the deck, fluttering his hair into his face and stealing his breath from him in a startled, whooping gasp. His Elfin ears, larger and far more sensitive than a man's, tapered into distinctive points at the tips, caught the sounds of faint conversations and muted laughter above the gust.

He had left Tiralainn with the hope that he might free himself of her, but now, with Aedhir's offer still fresh in his mind I know you have your duties and all, and you have been already gone from them awhile ... six weeks might be enough to get affairs together, see someone in your stead until Kierken finds another ambassador, do you not think? If you should decide to return... all Rhyden wanted to do was turn the ship around and sail west once more, back to Tiralainn and to Qynh. And what will you do when you get there?

I left before he arrived. " "You might know, had you remained to offer your account of things,” Pryce said. Aedhir looked at him. “If I had been arrested, we would have been in Tiralainn until the spring,” he said with a slight frown. “There would have been depositions to give, arraignments to be held, bond to be set and posted, official inquest before the county magistrate. These matters do not move swiftly and fade away. They take time ... time that would have cost us all wages and fares. You can tell the crew that, if you would like, Pryce.

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