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The Teachings of the Odd-eyed One: A Study and Translation of the Virūpākṣapañcāśikā, With the Commentary of Vidyācakravartin (SUNY series in Hindu Studies)

This e-book deals the 1st released translation of the contemplative handbook Virupaksapancasika written circa the 12th century CE, and the statement on it, Vivrti by means of Vidyacakravartin. those overdue works from the Pratyabhijna culture of monistic and tantric Kashmiri Saiva philosophy concentrate on capacity to deindividualize and divulge the primordial, divine crucial natures of the human ego and body-sense.

Making Sense of Dying and Death

Making experience Of: death and demise is an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary study undertaking which seeks to interact in artistic and cutting edge dialogues in concentrating on the hyperlinks among dwelling and demise, and a few of the contradictions and paradoxes which come up that we seem to settle for with no query.

Landscapes of Urban Memory: The Sacred and the Civic in India's High-Tech City

City reports/ faith A wealthy research of what this Indian urban can let us know concerning the intersections of faith, civic lifestyles, and international transformation. proven in the midst of the 16th century, Bangalore has develop into in our day a middle for high-technology study and creation, the hot "Silicon Valley" of India, with a metropolitan inhabitants impending six million.

The Saint in the Banyan Tree: Christianity and Caste Society in India

The Saint within the Banyan Tree is a nuanced and traditionally persuasive exploration of Christianity’s amazing trajectory as a social and cultural strength in southern India. beginning within the 17th century, while the faith was once built-in into Tamil associations of caste and well known religiosity, this examine strikes into the 20th century, while Christianity grew to become an unforeseen resource of radical transformation for the country’s ‘untouchables’ (dalits).

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The youth did this because the Buddha was not a brahmin, but a kshatriya whom he considered as inferior to him in caste status. " the Buddha asked from the brahmin youth. And when the youth replied, the Buddha went on, "Yes, but if one were to follow up your ancient name and lineage, Ambaflha, on the father's and the mother's side, it would appear that the Sakyas were once your masters, and you are the off spring of one of their slave girlS. I. 114-115). The Budha brings historical evidence in order to confront Amballha who is excessively proud of his own brahmin ancestry.

There is no bar to inter-marriage within castes. Human history records innumerable instances of such inter-marriage. The "purity theorists" profounded the theory that such inter-marriages would not end in disaster. Buddhist discourses describe the evolution. of society in detail. Human beings began �o live in households, and due to their lust, rights ofproperty came to be recognised. When such people began to infringe on the rights of each other, they 'chose men differing from the others in no wise except in virtue to restrain the evil-doers by blame or fine or banishment.

The parenHhildren concept and practice was introduced to the institution of education in which the teacher­ student twin-role approxima(ed the parent

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