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By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

A accomplished paintings masking the approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera identified to happen within the Palaearctic sector. the whole paintings is deliberate for eight volumes that would be released with durations of approximately 18 months. the knowledge supplied for every species could be the following: fundamental taxonomic info of all to be had names within the genus and species degrees released via the tip of 1999. The taxonomic info less than subfamily could be geared up alphabetically. the sort species of genera and subgenera, incl. synonyms, are given. the world lined comprises additionally the Arabian Peninsula, Himalayas and China. The distributional info of species and subspecies is given consistent with kingdom. distinctive distributional details for strict endemics is given. brought species are indicated.The catalogue is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia.

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Thomson, 1871: 365 trtvialis Stephens, 1828b: 59 nivalis Heer, 1839: 157 E: AU BU CZ FR GE IT MC PL PT SK SL SP SZ UK A: TR alticola Sharp, 1882: 468 sabaudus Fauvel, 1865: 276 scholzi W. Kolbe, 1899:24 normandi alhambrae Fery, 1999: 242 E: SP normandi ifnii Fery, 1999: 241 N: MO normandi ifranensis Fery, 1999: 239 N: MO normandi normandi Régimbart, 1903a: 254 E: FR PT SP notabilis LeConte, 1850: 216 E: CT FI NR NT SV A: ES FE WS NAR arcticus CG. Thomson, 1856: 197 fennicus Seidlitz, 1887b: 66 tomentosus Poppius, 1905a: 12 notatus Sturm, 1835: 62 E: BY CT CZ DE EN FI FR GE HU LT NL NT PL SV UK A: ES sacha Zaitzev, 1910a: 3 0 oasis Wewalka, 1992: 53 N: EG obscurus Sturm, 1835: 65 E: AU BE BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE IR LA LT LU NL NR NT PL SK SV SZ UK A: WS NAR hockingi Larson, 1975: 296 obsoletus Aubé, 1838b: 298 E: CRDEFRGB GEGRIRITNRPTSP SVSZ N : A G L B M O M R T U A:SYTR paganettianus Scholz, 1923: 183 E: PT SP palustris Linné, 1761:216 (Dytiscus) E: AB AN AU BE BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FA FI FR GB GE GG GR HU IR IT LA LS LT LU MC NL NR NT PL SK SL SP ST SV SZ UK YU A: ES IN TR WS apicalis Schilsky, 1888b: 183 buresiMatm, 1938e: 95 cambriensis Stephens, 1835: 392 cristatomarginatus Goeze, 1777: 625 (Dytiscus) flmbriatus Gmelin, 1790: 1957 [HN] (Dytiscus) 62 63 fuscorufus Minister, 1927a: 160 lituratus Fabricius, 1781 a: 296 (Dytiscus) proximus Stephens, 1828b: 55 sexpustulatus Fabricius, 1777: 239 (Dytiscus) styriacus Seidlitz, 1887b: 70 tinctus Clark, 1862a: 326 variegatus Geoffroy, 1785: 68 (Dyticus) pfefferi Wewalka, 1974: 107 [RN] E: GR orientalis Hlisnikovský, 1955a: 87 [HN] planus Fabricius, 178 lb: 501 (Dytiscus) E: AB AL AR AU BE BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FIFR GB GE GG GRHUIRITLALTLUMCNLNRNTPLPTSKSLSPSTSVSZTRUKYU N:AGM0 A:INIQKZLE TM TR WS corsicus Wehncke, 1872b: 163 frisius Verhoeff, 1891a: 23 fuscatus Stephens, 1828b: 62 fusculus Schrank, 1781: 203 (Dytiscus) holosericeus Marsham, 1802: 427 (Dytiscus) humeralis Marsham, 1802: 422 (Dytiscus) lividus Geoffřoy, 1785: 68 (Dyticus) nigricans Schrank, 1781: 205 (Dytiscus) nigriceps Preller, 1862: 23 pallescens Seidlitz, 1887b: 72 sordidus Herbst, 1784: 126 (Dytiscus) productus Fairmaire, 1880d: 248 N: AG TU occultus Sharp, 1882: 456 pseudopubescens A.

Xxxiii/10 (Hydroporus) N: EG A: IN KA PA SA SI SY YE semiclusus Walker, 1871: 10 (Hydroporus) islamiticus Sharp, 1882: 430 (Deronectes) A: "Kurdistan" laeviventris Reiche & Saulcy, 1855: 642 (Hydroporus) A: CY LE SY TR scutellaris Sharp, 1882: 426 (Deronectes) lanceolatus Walker, 1871: 11 (Hydroporus) N: EG A: IN IQ IS JO KU SA SI SY arabicus Sharp, 1882: 429 (Deronectes) laticollis A. Zimmermann, 1933: 163 (Deronectes) A: SHN luctuosus Aubé, 1838b: 235 (Hydroporus) E: BH CR FR GR IT SL SP YU A: TR flavopunctatus Vic, 1895a: 10 (Deronectes) lugubris Ragusa, 1887: 227 [HN] (Hydroporus) sericeusA.

Xxxiii N: EG A: IS SI sinaicus Wewalka, 1984: 133 hygrotoides Fery, 2000: 1248 [RN] A: JIX BEI discedens Sharp, 1882: 396 [HN] {Coelambus) ijimai Nilsson & Nakane, 1993: 424 A: JA incognitus Sharp, 1869a: 84 E: AU BE BY CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE IR IT LA NL NR NT PL PT RO SK SL SP SV SZ UK A: ES WS discedens Régimbart, 1877c: cxxxix ellypticus Petri, 1912: 44 seidlitzi Gerhardt, 1899a: 5 ineptus Sharp, 1882: 462 A: SY inscitus Sharp, 1882: 463 A: IQ KU OM YE jacobsoni Zaitzev, 1927: 17 E: GG ST A: TR 61 jonicus Caucasians Zaitzev, 1927: 12 Ε: GG A: TR jonicus jonicus L.

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