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By Robert L. Kuhn

The main state of the art rules of this present day are being generated from the medical neighborhood. Now greater than ever, scientists are attaining out to the overall viewers, looking autos during which they may converse their progressive rules. Harnessing the highbrow power of greater than 50 of our so much influential and amazing scientists, students and thinkers, this publication demanding situations present trust and traditional knowledge, to hunt "truth" at any place it can be stumbled on. this can be the 1st in a sequence of annual better half books. starting in th early spring of 2000, this tv sequence provides 28 30 minutes episodes in 5 different types: mind and brain, well-being and intercourse; creativity and pondering, expertise and society, and universe and that means. The booklet might be organised in line with episode, with 28 chapters making as much as five sections. In every one episode, moderator Robert Lawrence Kuhn enables and synthesises a full of life round-table dialogue of modern day such a lot profound concerns. provided right here in transcript, each one bankruptcy is going extra than the tv convey, with remark by means of Kuhn, and extra discussion and "out-takes" no longer to be had on television. With bios putting each one contributor into the "big photograph" context, this paintings is a veritable who is Who of our most famous students and the place they stand at the "knowledge" matters which are most vital at the present time. every year, as a brand new season of the tv sequence airs, we'll current a brand new quantity of "Closer Truth", the significant other e-book, development a whole library. those books, just like the television sequence, will entertain, enlighten and encourage whereas revealing the mysteries of brain, topic, and the which means of all of it.

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Dolphin brains have a larger area devoted to hearing, since dolphins live in a world requiring a three-dimensional auditory sense, which they use for active echolocation; and their brains are structured accordingly, with huge areas devoted to that. need to go beyond the egocentric, “I”-centered worldview that a subject exists only in a body. R O B E RT: How about the relative size of the R O B E RT: Let’s come back down to bodies on earth. Let’s talk about comparative anatomy— specifically, how the human brain compares with the brains of various animals.

Since we don’t know how consciousness works in our brain, we’re not yet ready to worry about how it works in flies. R O B E RT: Dave, do you agree with the gastric secretions analogy? D AV E : The difference as far as stomachs are concerned is that you can tell a physical story to make it transparently clear just why you find those gastric secretions there. You tell a physical story about the brain—how the neurons hook up to one another, how brain areas are wired together—and you can say that this is what produces consciousness, and probably it does, but does that explain why it produces consciousness?

It seems obvious, but it’s absolutely not provable. You cannot scientifically prove that your “I” is in your body. There’s no scientific evidence for that. B A R R Y: Look, if I manipulate your brain [give J O H N : Let the people who are absolutely convinced that they have solid data for out-of-body conscious experiences do the research on what they think are worldview-changing occurrences. —should concentrate on this vital, scientifically clear work. We know that the brain does it; let’s figure out how.

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