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By George Anton Kiraz

Via the overdue Seventies, phonologists, and later morphologists, had departed from a linear technique for describing morphophonological operations to a nonlinear one. Computational versions, besides the fact that, stay trustworthy to the linear version, making it very tricky, if now not very unlikely, to enforce the morphology of languages whose morphology is nonconcatanative. This research goals at providing a computational approach that counters the improvement in linguistics. It offers an in depth computational research of the complicated morphophonological phenomena present in Semitic languages in accordance with linguistically stimulated versions.

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This chapter provides an overview of these phenomena as they appear in Semitic languages, with a great deal of emphasis on Arabic, which appears ubiquitously in the linguistics literature. 1 Briefly, early grammarians invented a notation for describing root-and-pattern morphology. They represented the three radicals of the root with the consonants [f], [ ], and [l], respectively, to which they added any vowels and auxiliary consonants. The pattern for /kaatib/ “writer” from the root {ktb}, for example, is represented by /faa il/.

Concatenation is used to define exponentiation. If x is a string, we write x 2 to denote the concatenation of x with itself twice, that is, x x. Similarly, x 3 denotes the concatenation of x with itself thrice, that is, x x x. In this vein, x 1 = x and x 0 is the empty string . For example, let x be the string “ha;” we say x 0 is , x 1 is “ha,” x 2 is “haha,” x 3 is “hahaha,” and so on. The Kleene star, denoted by x ∗ , denotes zero or more concatenations of x with itself: , x, x x, x x x, and so on.

3. 1 Linguistic Preliminaries 11 (iii) If L 1 , L 2 , and L are regular languages, then so are (concatenation) L 1 L 2 = { x y | x ∈ L 1, y ∈ L 2 } L 1 ∪ L 2 = { x | x ∈ L 1 or x ∈ L 2 } (union) ∞ Li (Kleene star) L ∗ = i=0 (iv) There are no other regular languages. Every regular language is described by a regular expression. A regular expression over some alphabet is an expression consisting of a sequence of symbols from the alphabet constructed by means of concatenation, union, or Kleene star.

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