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The entire outline may be described as a shallow "S". The crest of curvature of the lingual outline is found in the cervical third at the prominence of the cingulum. d. Cervical margin - The CEJ curves evenly toward the incisal. It exhibits the greatest depth of curvature of any tooth surface in the mouth. e. Incisal outline - It is usually pointed. or slightly rounded. in newly erupted incisors. due to the convergence of the labial and lingual surfaces. In teeth with incisal wear. the outline is straight.

Universal number: Mandibular right central incisor - #25 Mandibular left central incisor - #24 c. General form and function - The mandibular central incisor normally has the narrowest mesiodistal dimension and the smallest crown size of any permanent tooth. The crown is also quite symmetrical, with mesial and distal halves nearly identical. These teeth function in biting, cutting. incising, and shearing, just as do their maxillary counterparts. J 2. 3 to 4 months Completion of enamel .................................

Anterior Tooth Tooth ~axillaryPosterior Tooth XI. Cervical Line Curvatures: A. Introduction and comparison of terms:. 1. In the preceding unit, the cervical line, or cemento-enamel junction, was defined as the line around the tooth where the enamel and the cementum meet. It is a stable entity, in contrast to the gingival line, which may be ever changing. 2. The gingival line, also called the gingival margin or gingival crest, is the imaginary line which marks the level of termination of the nonattached soft tissue surrounding the tooth.

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