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By Tom Curran (Author), Tracey Rockwell (Editor), Jonny Georgeson (Illustrator), John Anderson (Illustrator)

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When I was in the Emergency Room, the attending physician told me my kidney stone was right at the limit dealt with the effect by making me much less effective! I couldn’t drive while on the painkillers and I was basically useless until the effects of the medication wore off. A HARD HEART of what would ordinarily pass through my system on its This all too true story provides an entry point for own. ” When it comes to Confession and to living medication as necessary until that happened. There was a confessional life, accusing myself by admitting “I did it” no sure way to know how long the kidney stone would is critically important but not sufficient to receive all the be lodged in my system.

We don’t experience this center of our selves directly, but only by reflecting on our lived experience. My heart is that place where I encounter myself as a spiritual and not just a physical being. It is there, in that from this? Nothing good! Ever! God punishes them for place hidden from the eyes of the world, that I discern and their hardness of heart. decide what I will embrace as the goal of my life. My heart is a place where I encounter God and choose to live (or I CAN’T HEAR YOU! You may be asking what Scripture means by “heart,” since it obviously does not refer to the physical heart in our bodies.

This is more important today than ever. ” When I inappropriate bonding)? Relating to a co-worker in a way ask about going to their pastor, their response is some- that weakens her bond or esteem for her husband? ” simply because of the prospect that playful and touchy in ways that don’t honor his commit- the pastor will see who is confessing or recognize their ment to his wife? Being physical or romantic in ways that voice. Or they may not want to go because they don’t like involve sexual activity without involving the marital act?

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