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Cloning researchers declare to have cloned an embryo that's in general human, but additionally half animal. Biotech businesses brag approximately production human embryos as "products" to be used in clinical remedies. Echoing lengthy discredited master-race considering, James Watson, who received a Nobel Prize for co-discovering the DNA double helix, claims that genetically stronger humans will sometime "dominate the world." occasions are relocating so fast--and biotechnology turns out so complicated--that many folks fear that we won't have an educated opinion approximately those matters which are remaking the human destiny sooner than our very eyes. yet now Wesley J. Smith presents us with a advisor to the courageous new global that's now not a figment of our mind's eye yet correct round the nook of our lives. Smith starts off with the fundamental questions. What are stem cells? what's the distinction among embryonic stem cells and grownup stem cells and that is such a lot promising for clinical treatment? What does embryonic stem telephone learn contain and why is it so arguable? what's its dating to human cloning? but also to explaining the technology of stem cells, this hugely readable and punctiliously researched ebook studies at the gargantuan "Big Biotech" and its supporters within the universities and within the technology and bioethics institutions. Smith indicates how this foyer works and the way the entice of massive riches, combined with the ideology of "scientism," threatens to impose a "new eugenics" on society that might dismantle moral norms and get in touch with into query the individuality and significance of all human existence. "A Consumer's advisor to courageous New global" offers a clear-eyed imaginative and prescient of 2 capability futures. in a single we'll use biotechnology as a strong instrument to regard ailment and enhance the standard of our lives. yet in one other, darker situation, we are going to be suggested onto the anti-human course Aldous Huxley and different prophetic writers first warned opposed to fifty years in the past while technological know-how fiction had now not but develop into technological know-how truth.

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Now, (1) is obviously true, but the qualifying statement in (2) and the final statement (3) are at best misleading sophistries—not science at all, but ideological pronouncements. Biologically, there is a fundamental distinction between an embryo and a lost skin cell. 47 A skin cell, on the other hand, is not a self-contained organism. It is a part of a distinct, self-contained organism—a chip off the old block, so to speak. Or to put it another way, each and every one of your body’s cells is a microscopic piece of your body, but each cell is not you.

5 19 ■ 20 Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World Much of Fletcher’s advocacy could have been taken right from the pages of Brave New World, but with one crucial difference: the genetic manipulations that Huxley so urgently warned against, Fletcher wholeheartedly embraced. Not only did he extol a radical eugenics philosophy in which biotechnologists would be permitted to shuffle human genes like a deck of playing cards, but he advocated the manufacture of a slave caste of “man-animal hybrids,” the moral equivalent of Huxley’s fictional Epsilons: “Chimeras [part human/part animal] or parahumans might legitimately be fashioned to do dangerous or demeaning jobs.

I don’t care what you think about the morality of the research. I care about getting help for my daughter! Me: I sympathize with your family’s difficulties. But let’s explore this matter and see where it leads. If researchers told you it would help your daughter, would you support implanting a woman with an embryo, and then aborting the fetus after a few months to gain access to those tissues? The Great Stem Cell Debate of 2001 39 Caller: Yes, anything. Me: How about gestating a fetus through the ninth month and then aborting that life to obtain tissues?

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