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The solution again consists of straight line segments, the slopes of which are determined by equation (58). It can be seen from equation (29) that equation (59) is again valid throughout the entire solution; therefore, equation (61) is also valid throughout the entire solution. The discontinuity in l at the corner is: z (+) l(-) = 2l z z In this example, l (69) . is discontinuous; but the value of ÿ Ý need not be determined because 7 can be computed from equation (59). The relationship from which the optimum corner time can be determined is derived from equations (28) and (29).

2e)] ^JhY(T a n d Y 40 + (121) ( 1 2 2 ) |k-l 2£) + V ô t ] | k - l · k-i^\-i + 2ε ) c a nb e ( l 2 3 ) SUBOPTIMAL STRATEGIES USING QUASI LINEARIZATION dg Y k(T k + 2e) g (T + 2 k k- 1 g g Subarc Extrapolation e) ) (T k-1 k -1 k ( t U k-1 ) k-1 Time 'k Fig. 4. Geometry of Discontinuity at Corner. Yk (Tkl + 2e) = Yk(Tkl) + Y k (T ) k-1 + R[Yk- + x AY (T )] k-1 k-1 l(Tk-1)] • = {I + R[Yk-1( tk-1)]} [ [u (T k k-1) Yk(Tkl) - R Yk-1(tk-1)]Yk-1(tk-1) 41 k-1(Tk-1)] Y + (124) R. G. GRAHAM AND C. T. LEONDES Yk-1(Tk-1 + 2e) = k-l(Tk-1) + Y x[ Y k-1 (Tk-1 )] (125) where I is the identity matrix and R ° a~~áY (126) Substituting equations (12)+) and (125) into equation (120), assuming *c / 0, and solving the resulting expression for Tk tk-1, the following result is obtained.

At tk-1 the homogeneous solutions are discontinuous, the magnitudes of the discontinuities being computed as follows. UkH)(t k-1 + 2e) = {I + R{Ykl(Tkl)]) U) kH (tk-1) • (150) e), the integration of equation (Tk-1 + 2 (1)48) is continued from t = tk-1 + 2e to t = Tk-l' After computing 4. U Generate a particular solution of equation (118). The initial conditions for this particular solution must 47 R. G. GRAHAM AND C. T. LEONDES satisfy the initial conditions specified for the first n components of U.

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