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Most investigators are familiar and comfortable with con­ trolled environments in which the radiation sources are some combination of cool white fluorescent and incandescent l a m p s . After all, such a combination is the old standard that has been used for years. The lamps are F96T12/CW (1500 milliampere) E. D. BICKFORD 50 fluorescents and 100W, 130V incandescents in a 3:1 ratio by installed watts. s \ ±5%) meter. The irradiance is fairly uniform (350 μΕ m -2 in the plant growing area as measured with a PPFD Should the investigator be concerned about whether there is perfect spectral blending of the components of the fluorescent and incandescent irradiation in the plant growing area?

St. Verl. (1953). Speci­ fication of radiant flux and radiant flux density in irradiation of plants with artificial light. J. H o r t . S ei. 28, 177-184. Downs, R. J . , and H. Hellmers. (1975). " Academic Press, New York. Hartmann, K. J. (1966). A general hypothesis to interpret high energy phenomena on the basis of phytochrome. P h o t o b i o l . 5, Henderson, Photochem. 349-366. S. Τ . , and Hallstead, M. B. photometry of light sources. (1952). The spectro­ B r i t . J. A p p . P b y s . 3 , 255-259.

M e a s u rin g p h o to s y n - Meteorol. 3 ,3 5 3 - 3 6 6 . CONTROLLED EN VIRONMENT GUIDELINES FO R PLANT RESEARCH R A D IA T IO N : J . Craig McFarlane M o n ito rin g and S u p p o rt E n v iro n m e n ta l Las W hen and c o n s id e rin g o th e r te rm s o f p la n t lig h t q u a lity . th e S tric tly s in c e by v is io n . E a rly th e response hum an m e te rs , w ith responses th o se in we th e u n its a re see, e a rly a b s o rb in g o b v io u s lite ra tu re . th a t fo r s tu d ie s m e try as but p la n t o f a m easured s c ie n c e jo u rn a ls by has s t ill sam e w ith accept w ord used eye a re not been own by 55 th e lu x .

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