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By K. W. H. Stevens (auth.), Jack E. Crow, Robert P. Guertin, Ted W. Mihalisin (eds.)

Perhaps the identify of this convention "Ctystalline electrical box and Structural results in f-Electron structures" displays top the expansion and path of the sphere. The identify and the convention itself transcend "CEF" in large and demanding respects. First, the inter-relations among CEF and mode softenings, distortions as a result of quadruplar ordering or the Jahn­ Teller impact, have won larger concentration, as a result the inclusion of . •• "Structral results. " moment, a lot better emphasis at the actinides and, particularly, comparisons among actinides and the lighter infrequent earths is noticeable during this convention, accordingly the extra basic terminology . . . Iff-Electron structures. " it kind of feels transparent that this comparability will bring about an extension to the actinides of combined valence and Kondo concerns, in addition to CEF results. The emergence of a broader self-discipline such as all f-electron platforms and that is taken with volatile, in addition to sturdy, valence displays the maturation of the sphere and a coming to grips with the complexity, in addition to the solidarity, of f-electron platforms. This maturation is usually noticeable within the becoming consciousness of the results of CEF on delivery, thermodynamic houses, and superconductivity and its co-existence with magnetic order. This quantity includes sixty three articles, all yet of that have been offered on the convention held in Philadelphia, U. S. A. , on 12-15 November, 1979. approximately a hundred conferees from thirteen nations attended the assembly which consisted of 4 complete days of lecture presentations.

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In addition, when ion-phonon interactions are important Qq and Pq , the canonical coordinates and momenta of the acoustic phonons must also be included. As in the magnetic case the dynamical properties are obtained from Eqs. (1)-(8). In the high temperature phase when the decay rates of the fluctuations in the electronic variables are much greater than the phonon frequency (the appropriate limit for ultrasonic attenuation), the phonon frequency obtained from the first moment frequency matrix takes the form w(q) 2 = 0 2 w (q) (1 + goX OO ) -1 (15) , where q is the wave vector, wO(q) is the unperturbed phonon frequency, and go is a parameter characterizing the coupling between the strain and the quadrupole moment operator O~ = 3J 2 - J(J+l).

There must be some kind of work hardening, and we observe an increase in this extra intensity. LEBECH: Some years ago, we observed that same broad peak in Pr at Riso, and I seem to remember that we also masked the sample to see if it was a surface effect. I think we concluded it was not a surface effect. STEVENS: Do I understand from your findings that the CEF splittings are much more sensitive to strain that the exchange? VETTIER: I have no answer to that; we observed this behavior in PrSb. But it is a general feature that for most compounds the exchange does depend on lattice constant.

A. Llndgard, J. Phys. C : Sol. Stat. , 8 : 1684 (1975). 28. J. Jensen~ J. Physique, Colloq. 40 C5-1 (1979). 29. A. McEwen, (to be published). 30. B. Palmer, J. Jensen, J. Phys. C Sol. Stat. , 11 2465 (1978). ': As you know, we have found in PrSb and TmSb a thermal expansion anomaly which is actually an indication of this non-point charge model variation of the levels. TmSb would actually be a better candidate for pressure-induced magnetic ordering because the splitting of the r4 is about 25 K. Have you any measurements done on that?

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