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By Daniel P. Todes

19th century Russian intellectuals perceived a Malthusian bias in Darwin's idea of evolution by way of usual choice. They pointed out that bias with Darwin's proposal of the fight for lifestyles and his emphasis upon the evolutionary position of overpopulation and intraspecific clash. during this publication, Todes records a old Russian critique of Darwin's Malthusian blunders, explores its courting to such medical paintings as Mechnikov's phagocytic idea, Korzhinskii's mutation concept and Kropotkin's concept of mutual relief, and reveals its origins in Russia's political financial system and within the very nature of its land and weather. this can be the 1st publication in English to envision intimately the medical paintings of 19th century Russian evolutionists, and the 1st in any language to discover the connection of Russian theories to the industrial, political, and common conditions during which they have been generated. It combines a huge scope (dealing with political figures and cultural activities) with a detailed research of clinical paintings on quite a number issues.

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L. Lavrov's Historical Letters of 1868-1869, and N. K. 85 Each signpost involved a critique of the scientism of the 1860s, with particular emphasis on interpretations of physiological psychology and evolutionism. N. V. "86 The populist criticism of scientism was in large part a response to the transformation of Russian society after the reforms of the 1860s, especially the emancipation of the serfs in 1861. Radicals had previously been preoccupied with the struggle against feudal institutions and ideology, and had found in natural science a natural ally.

Darwin noticed this. And made use of what he understood. And did he guess that if you want to use a specialized science for your own work you should study it? No, it seems never to have occurred to him. "110For Chernyshevskii, Zaitsev had captured the logical consequences of the selection theory.

All along there is his tendency to regard the productive forces of nature as a dead mass to be measured in feet and weighed in pounds. In human labour, also, he sees only the mechanical application of muscular force and completely disregards the activity of the brain, which is constantly triumphing over physical nature and discovering new properties in it. 38 MALTHUS, DARWIN, AND RUSSIAN SOCIAL THOUGHT 29 This "Malthusian attitude toward nature" was profoundly mistaken. All living forms were united by the "eternal rotation" of matter, in which the prosperity of one life form supported that of another.

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