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By Donna J. Phinney, Judy H. Halstead

From amalgam to zinc oxide eugenol, the Dental fabrics consultant presents a brief reference for the makes use of and homes of fabrics regularly present in dental perform. This crucial source can be utilized in the course of clinicals and labs and can also be a convenient learn instrument for examinations.

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CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS B & T BASE AND TEMPORARY CEMENT MANUFACTURER: Dentsply Caulk USE: • • Intermediate base Temporary filling COMPOSITION: • • • Zinc oxide eugenol material (ZOE) Powder-zinc oxide, resin, zinc acetate, and an accelerator Liquid-eugenol and other oils such as clove oil PROPERTIES: • • • • • Very soluble in the mouth Low strength Has a neutral pH of 7, so this material is very compatible with the tooth Sedative effect on the tooth Does not require a protective base or liner 43 CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS 44 CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS • • • Irritating to oral mucosa Has a strong odor May interfere with the polymerization process of composite materials OSHA PRECAUTIONS: • • May irritate the eyes, skin, and oral mucosa tissues Inhalation—this material has a strong odor.

Setting time: 5 to 10 seconds or just long enough for the layers to dry. DIRECTIONS: 1. Clean and dry the cavity preparation. 2. Prepare two applicator brushes, cotton-tipped applicators, or small cotton pellets. 50 3. Remove the cap from the varnish and dip the applicators into the varnish until they are moistened. 4. Replace the cap on the varnish because of the strong odor and to prevent evaporation of solvent. 5. Dab off the excess varnish on a gauze. 6. One layer of varnish is placed on dentin in the cavity preparation and then allowed to dry.

3. Dry thoroughly but do not rinse. 19 CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS D/SENSE ® CRYSTAL Courtesy of Centrix Dental MANUFACTURER: Centrix Dental USE: • • • • Desensitizer and cavity liner Prevention of cervical erosion and gingival recession Applied under crowns and bridges, when standard cement is used Applied to exposed dentin, such as around the margins of a temporary crown Applied under restorations • COMPOSITION: • • Solution of potassium binoxalate and nitric acid in water Free of HEMA, glutaraldehyde, and other toxic chemicals PROPERTIES: • • 21 One-step, dual-action material Fast acting CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS 22 CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY RESTORATIVE DENTAL MATERIALS • • • • • Long-lasting results Reacts with the dentin to precipitate microcrystals of calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate Occludes dentinal tubules with calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate Time saving and less waste Gentle on soft tissues OSHA PRECAUTIONS: • • Eye and skin irritation possible If ingested.

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