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By G. R. S. Taylor

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Mr. Hyndmanis just a Socialist, and if you do not like his Socialism you can leave it ; or, rather, you must fight it, for there is no other. It has been Mr. Hyndman’s mission to build in England thecentral citadel of Socialism,while others have engaged(often quite successfully and usefully,be it remembered) in unauthorized raids and risky adventuring into the enemies’ ranks. He has defended the citadel, while others have been defending(often very wiselydefending) outposts and detached companies.

Then, in 1862, he took a further step : heappealed tothe workers direct, in a lecture before one of their clubs. He told them that the State was a mighty machine for the over“ “ ” 52 Leaders of Socialism coming of poverty and chaotic mismanagement of society ; while the Liberal bourgeoisie thought. it wasonly an instrument for protecting. life and property--“ anight watchman’s idea,” said Lassalle, with withering contempt. Then followed one of those highly strung phrases which gave Lassalle his powerovermen : it was the destiny of t h e working-class estate to lead all others, for they The vices of the oppressed, were the State itself.

Marx said that was not so : menwere either capitalists orwage-earners, and there wasendlesswarbetweenthesetwoclasses in the existing society, and must bewarbecause their interests were irreconcilable. So long as there were employers at all, there must inevitably be wage-slaves to serve them. What the one gained the other must lose, there could be no mutual gain. So Marxpreached the great Class War. His CommunistManifestocloses with words which are historical ; indeed, they are more than historical, they are burning words to-day : ‘‘ The Communists do not seek to hide their opinions and ” 60 Leaders of Socialism desires.

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